Home Network Install.

Residential Cabling install.  Cat 6 Ethernet, and RG5 Coax for high speed digital video.

7 rooms were wired with all new cabling.  Individual drops varied from 2 Cat6/1 RG5 to 6 Cat6/2RG5.  All drops were fished through existing walls and finished with keystones and matching trim plates.  Most drops were left with additional keystone ports for future expansion.

All Cat 6 was punched down to patch panels and keystones.

All Coax was terminated with 3GHZ rated f connectors, and 3GHZ rated keystones.

All cabling was run through the attic space, loomed into bundles by room, and terminated into a new equipment closet. (Shown)  All attic wiring was bundled and hung overhead from the rafters to preserve access, and protect the cabling.

Equipment installed included:

  • 2 – 24 port patch panels
  • 1 – 24 port Managed Gigabit Ethernet Switch
  • 1 – 16 port Managed Gigabit Ethernet Switch with POE
  • 1 – power center
  • 1 – Fan plate with digital controller.
  • 1 – Multiport router
  • 2 – Ceiling mount POE wireless AC access points
  • Custom coax cables were run to each room drop.  Currently 3 rooms are fed from a Dish network Hopper system for DVR and live video, and the remaining rooms are fed from an attic mounted OTA HD antenna.

All total, over 3000 feet of new high speed cabling was installed into this project.


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