Book & E-Publishing Services

We are ready to help you break into the exciting world of traditional and E-Book publishing.  From formatting and preparation for conversion to E-Book formats, to cover design and marketing assistance, we can help you get your book online and available to the world.  Do you have a novel that doesn’t have a home?  Are you frustrated with the difficulty of breaking into traditional publishing?  Are you tired of being told by publishers that they love your book, but its just not a good fit for them?  Or would you like to get some of your back catalog available again so it can earn you money?

We can help.  You bring the content, and we will help you with the rest.  Formatting, conversion, artwork, marketing materials, authors website, to social media promotions.  We can do everything you need done to get your book from your computer out to the world.  Ask us how we can help You!

We are also offering representation to a select group of authors on our own Imprint.  We are looking for standout works of fiction in the Urban Fantasy, Romance, and those rare works that don’t fit the established genres.  If you think you have a piece that would be a good fit for us, please contact us directly to discuss your project in more detail.

We do NOT accept unsolicited manuscripts.  Unsolicited manuscripts will be deleted or destroyed without being read.

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