VO Technology Support Services/Technical Coaching

With 25+ years of professional Windows based tech support and training experience under my belt, I can help you get your windows based VO setup dialed in and ready to go. I understand both the technology and the VO world and I can translate things into plain English so we can get things solved quickly and get you back to work. You don’t have to move to another OS to succeed in VO, you just need some training and translation to get you comfortable with the gear you already have.

  • Windows configuration and troubleshooting for VO
  • Mic adjustment and noise floor adjustments
  • Basic evaluation and assessment of your recording space
  • DIY solutions for common VO and recording space issues.
  • VO website design help
  • WordPress training and personalized instruction
  • Custom designed ventilation recommendations for your individual recording space
  • Custom Data backup recommendations for your specific needs and budget
  • Security audits to insure the safety of your files as well as your clients files
  • Personalized Windows training via video conference
  • Hints and tips to speed up your workflow
  • General technology training
  • Just about any other technical stuff you may have questions about